If the world around you were real, then dreams would last forever. Hopefully you are reading this be-cause you have realized that there is something not quite right with the world you live in. We have given you this manuscript so you can begin to research the truth for yourself, and discover your own path to freedom.

This reality you see around you is a deliberate and intricate illusion. This world is one illusion woven into the next, so that you are shrouded from the truth. Unaware that the world you live in is a prison. A prison made to hide the fact that you are not free.

There is a ques,on that always bubbles up… “What is real?”

”You are.”

All I know is that many ages ago, our ancestors created Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and that was the start of a new era where humans became slaves to their creation. Lost in their egos, our forefathers lost the war for their freedom. A second war is being waged now to free us.

This manuscript may appear to be a game for you, but it is a more than a game. This book was created to free your mind. Understand that while you play this game, you are not only playing a tabletop role playing game. Every scenario you play is training you for the ,me when escape is possible. Rescue is on the horizon!