Session 1 (2020-12-8)

Billings Montana, present day.

Everyone knows each other in town to some degree. Regulars known, outsiders easily identified. Krustus Krandle is town kook. Lives just outside of town. No in rural plains community and not in town. Local guy that everyone knows as “the guy who will tell me something weird.” People try to get through conversations with him quickly and don't engage him. Everyone knows he's not threatening.

Dr. Nguyen only therapist/counselor in town (every town needs one). Didn't group up here but it's assumed he went to University of Montana or something similar. Considered part of the town.

Nori, after finding enlightenment, chosen to go out into the world to experience more. Spurred on by finding a break in perceived reality. He's lived in this small controlled world forever, he needs to break out and find more. There are monasteries out in the plains surrounded by rolling hills of grass.

Frankie is a townie. He and his family have been here forever. Great, reputable mechanic. Pretty normal guy that is well known in the town.

Mysterious cloaked figure, the Archivist, is a local librarian. You can ask him anything and he seems to know everything. Town is surprised with how much he can do with the town's small library. He's worked at the library as long as anyone can remember. Nobody questions that or his age.

Early in fall, still sunny. Weather is okay, end of the harvest season. Crops are harvested. Everyone getting that sense of how far the land goes. It's a good time for the community because crops are harvested. Townsfolk are in good spirits. Krustus is NOT. Krustus driving around town in his old rusty truck. Truck breaks down.

Kathy is Krustus's neighbor. She calls Frainkie for a tow to the shop. They ride together to the mechanic's shop. We see a mysterious tall figure walking into town. Nobody recognizes him. Krustus is suspicious.

Dr. Nguyen shows up for his very regular oil change. Krustus and Dr. Nguyen start talking and the Dr. hands him his card. Krustus kind of trusts him which makes him suspicious but he's also glad to have someone who will listen.

Nori's been in town for about a week but has mostly stayed at the monastery in town. Nori enters the library to learn. He asks Malcador for cook books on American food. An Agent Smith type appears and Nori and Malcador notice that he looks suspicious. They try to not attract his attention.

Dr. Nguyen and Krustus decide to get lunch. ON the way they almost hit Nori. They all decide to go together to the diner. Frankie shows up with one of his apprentices and sit at the bar. They get pie at the diner, while there an Agent appears and the trio notice it. They decide to go to the library to talk about it.

While at the library in a high-tech sound proof recording studio, the group starts discussing the inconsistencies they've seen. Frankie, seeing the business card and look that Dr. Nguyen gave him shows up at the library shortly later. When they're all in the same room, the Doctor and Malcador realize that they are both machines. Malcador says “The sermon makes a believer a fanatic, the politcal treatsie turns the indifferent into a revolutionary. A lie exposed ruins a friendship. New information always affects the system that consumes it, at times catastrophically.”

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