• A place to add NPCs we encounter

*** Extraction Team

Ash (Data)

  • The first person the Frankie meets in the human outside world infirmary. He's a jerk. He's runs comm and tech for the retrieval crew.

Ember (E)

  • Middle ranking retrieval crew member, seems helpful and bubbly. Know's the most about the politics of the outside world.

Cole (Coal?)

  • Helps escaped people train and recover.
  • Cole agrees to join the crew when they leave

Mrs. S.

  • The head of the retrieval crew. Seems nice and well connected.
  • Leader of Hearth


  • Bernie is the renaissance man of the retrieval crew, knows medicine and machinery and tech shit.


  • Beefy tank guy, leader of Kollective
  • kill all bots and all servers


  • Leader of Grounders
  • Mole-like people, build underground structures for people out of the matrix to live, divert energy from the servers


  • Leader of Smiths
  • work in and out of the matrix to wake people up and help (re: force) them to opt out of the matrix

A (Alph)

  • Leader of Z
  • Work in and out of the matrix, to identify CFs (code flaws) and Ports (maybe akin to an oracle), fight the matrix from the inside, has contact with inside only fighters
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